What is Technicolour?

Technicolour is a choir that remixes musical theatre songs with epic harmonies and mash-ups. It's for adults of all ages, genders and abilities. 

Where are you based? 

Technicolour is based in Cardiff and has choirs that rehearse in-person in Cardiff in Bristol. However, our TechnicolourVIRTUAL choir gives access to anyone who wants to join us from anywhere in the UK (and beyond!) We have a wonderful online community!

Can kids join Technicolour?

No. Technicolour is for people aged 18 or over. 

Is there an audition? Will I have to sing by myself?

No auditions. No solos. 

"I can't sing" - "I've never been in a choir before" Can I join?

Yes. We have people of all abilities in the choir and any many of them said the exact same thing when they joined. To be completely honest if you are looking for an 'easy' choir - there are many more out there that might be better suited to you. But if you are up for a challenge, we can get you achieving amazing things - no matter about your previous experience or ability. 

How do I join Technicolour?

Book a taster session here. Try it out - see how you find it and if you want to join. 


How much is it to be a member of the Cardiff or Bristol choirs? 

It works out to £10 per rehearsal - the amount of weeks per season may change. Payment is made either up front at the start of the season or in monthly instalments. You are required to pay for all rehearsals even if you don't attend them. There's also an additional £10 performance pass to be part of our gigs if you want to get involved. 

I want to join but I can't afford payments. Would should I do?

Have a chat with Patrick about the Technicolour Support Scheme - designed to support low-income households or support members through times of unemployment. Patrick is happy to listen to your individual situation and see if there is anything he can do to support. 

I am a staff or student at UWE. Are there any benefits? 

Technicolour has a special partnership with UWE's Centre for Music. So, if you are a staff member or student at UWE, have a chat with Patrick about possible discounts. 

What online platforms do you use for TechnicolourVIRTUAL? 

We use Zoom for our rehearsals and socials. We have a Facebook community. And we use Dropbox for online harmonies. If you need any support, with any of these platforms, just let us know. 

Will people hear me sing at TechnicolourVIRTUAL?

Due to time delays on Zoom - everyone is muted during the session except Patrick, the musical director. So don't worry, you are able to make mistakes without anyone noticing. Haha!

How much is membership for TechnicolourVIRTUAL?

Membership works out to £5 per rehearsal however you pay monthly. There's an additional £10 charge for gigs, meet ups and virtual choir videos - which are all optional. 

How do I pay for Technicolour membership?

You'll be sent an invoices via the online portal PayZip.

Can I pay per session for Technicolour?

No. Payment is based on all rehearsals available and you choose how many of the sessions you get involved with (a bit like a gym membership!)

What do I get for my membership with Technicolour?

Choir sessions, socials, access to our Dropbox with arrangements to learn, plus you can join our online Facebook community. There's also projects like virtual choir videos, meet ups and gigs! You can get involved with as much or as little of these as feels right for you. 

What if I want to cancel my membership to Technicolour?

Send Patrick a message to let him know. You can email him on: Patrick@technicolourchoirs.co.uk

I've got a question that isn't here - what do I do?

Send a email to Patrick and he'll happily answer your question. You can email him on: Patrick@technicolourchoirs.co.uk